This section shows in a real time the readiness of the LPV performance in the airports with LPV and APV-Baro procedures based on SBAS; additionally, selecting any airport, it can be consulted the HPL and VPL values, and the applicable NOTAM proposals. This information is also available for viewing it in Google Earth. You can download the file here and open it with Google Earth. Enabling the coverage flag will show the instantaneous coverage of the EGNOS System based on the PLs values.

DISCLAIMER: This map depicts the instantaneous LPV availability (Horizontal Alert Limit = 40m and Vertical Alert Limit = 50m) and LPV200 availability (Horizontal Alert Limit  = 40m and Vertical Alert Limit = 35m) computed every 15 minutes. This information should not be used for flight planning purposes and does not supersede the information provided in the applicable NOTAMs. Aviation users should also observe the limitations and conditions set forth in section 2.3.3 of the EGNOS Safety of Life Service Definition Document (SDD). This information is also subject to this website Legal Notice.