EGNOS visibility city map

The following map represents the areas, throughout different locations across Europe, where there is no visibility of EGNOS geostationary satellites.

The information shown in this map is aimed to have an overview of the ENGOS GEO Visibility within the EGNOS Service Area and should not be used for operational purposes.

Select the different operational and/or test PRNs and click in the map to check its visibility in the selected city. Use the magnifying glass to find the desired location or browse the map with your mouse.


Disclaimer: This map was computed using a city model based on OpenStreetMap ( OSM) and OpenStreetMap building (OSMB), both models are obtained via a collaborative project and as such, the OpenStreetFoundation cannot guarantee truthfulness, accuracy or reliability of its contents. Not all EU cities are included in the OpenStreetMap models although every EU country capitals are listed. For further information, refer to the OpenStreetMap Catalogue .

The map is intended to provide guidance for urban users to identify areas with no visibility of EGNOS geostationary satellites
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