In this LPV map, a record marked as ‘Operational’ means that the organization responsible for the procedure has got an EGNOS Working Agreement (EWA) in force and has notified the promulgation of the procedure via the proper EWA channel to the effect of the provisions described in the agreement.

Any condition different to the previous is considered as ‘Planned’.

LNAV/VNAV procedures are only shown if approved for SBAS operations and if no other LPV procedure exists at the same runway end.

Disclaimer: Information about activation and plans in this LPV map is obtained after processing a number of sources (mainly national AIPs, ANSP communications, LIDO and Jeppesen coordination and EUROCONTROL information) and provides the most up-to-date state of the play for EGNOS based procedures at every AIRAC cycle, according to our expert judgement. ESSP is not responsible for potential discrepancies in the information which might be found at specific airports, due to update times, change of plans, interpretation of procedure activation different to the one described above or causes alike. For any question, please drop an e-mail to our mailbox helpdesk@egnos.gsc-europa.eu.