EGNOS was designed and developed with the goal of improving GNSS performance in Europe. The EGNOS Open Service aims to offer these benefits to users of general-purpose applications. Available since October 1st 2009, OS is freely accessible with a GPS/SBAS compatible receiver within the EGNOS OS area (see below) without any direct charge or specific authorisation requirements. EGNOS OS can only be used for non-safety critical purposes.

The EGNOS OS service improves positioning accuracy by correcting error sources affecting GNSS signals intended for a wide range of applications in various domains. The corrections transmitted by EGNOS help mitigate ranging error sources related to satellite clocks, satellite position and ionospheric effects. EGNOS can also detect distortions affecting the signals transmitted by GNSS, preventing users from tracking unhealthy or misleading signals that could lead to inaccurate positioning.

EGNOS OS Performace and Compliance Area

The OS minimum accuracy is specified in the table below:

Accuracy Definition Value
Horizontal Corresponds to a 95% confidence bound of the 2-dimensional position error in the horizontal local plane for the Worst User Location 3m
Vertical Corresponds to a 95% confidence bound of the 1-dimensional unsigned position error in the local vertical axis for the Worst User Location 4m

Usage Information

Details and conditions regarding EGNOS OS usage are described in the EGNOS OS Service Definition Document. If you require additional information, please contact our Helpdesk at egnos-helpdesk@essp-sas.eu or call +34 911 236 555.