The EGNOS Safety of Life (SoL) Service provides the most stringent level of signal-in-space performance to all Safety of Life user communities. The main objective of the SoL service, which has been available since March, 2nd  2011, is to support civil aviation operations down to LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical guidance) minima. However, the SoL Service is also intended to support applications in other domains such as maritime, railways and road, where lives could be endangered if the performance of the navigation system is degraded below specific accuracy limits and no alert notice is given within a specified timeframe. To provide the SoL Service, the EGNOS system has been designed so that the EGNOS Signal-In-Space (SIS) complies with the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Standards and Recommended Practices for SBAS. The SoL service is based on integrity data provided through the EGNOS satellite signals, it is provided openly and is freely accessible without any direct charge.

The EGNOS SoL Service consists of an augmentation signal to the Global Positioning System (GPS) Standard Positioning Service (SPS) for positioning and an additional timing signal intended for a wide range of applications in different domains. Navigation operations based on the EGNOS SoL Service may require specific authorisation, issued by the relevant authority, unless this authority (or a relevant regulation) establishes that no such authorisation is required. 

Usage Information

Details and conditions regarding EGNOS SoL Service are described in the EGNOS Safety of Life Service Definition Document. If you require additional information, please contact our Helpdesk at egnos-helpdesk@essp-sas.eu or call +34 911 236 555.