The EASE (Egnos sAvingS in agriculturE) tool intends to provide farmers with cost-benefit analyses on the introduction of EGNOS for machinery guidance in some of their typical agricultural labours. A comprehensive (but pragmatic) model has been built, in order to try to be simple but also in line with reality. The methodology takes into account the specific circumstances, considering both costs and labour practices, of each farmer. The tool can perform scalable studies, including as many operation tasks as the farmer considers relevant. In the end, the user can print or export the results obtained. The EASE tool is recommended for those types of crops that do not require very high precision solutions, i.e. extensive crops in dry areas, such as dryland cereals, legumes and sunflowers.

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Disclaimer: The EASE tool is designed for general awareness and promotion purposes only. The results of the analysis are estimated based on different input parameters and internal models and may vary from the farmer's real operation performance. For any further inquiry or clarification please contact the EGNOS Service Adoption team via the EGNOS Helpdesk