Pass to Pass accuracy is the term used by farmers to describe their user needs in relation with accuracy; and the term used by GNSS manufacturers to describe the accuracy the equipment can provide. Pass-to-pass accuracy is defined as the accuracy which can be achieved over a 15 minute window, being 15min the approximate time to make a pass in a typical field. Standard ISO 12188 describes in detail how to compute this quantity.

Figure below, explains graphically the concept. Once you have done a pass in the field with the tractor, and you return and place it in the same position according to your GNSS equipment, you are not exactly in the same place, there is a bias. This bias is the so called “pass-to-pass” accuracy. To see Pass-to-Pass accuracy provided by EGNOS, select a date and a RIMS station. Note this pass-to-pass accuracy is available in all EGNOS Service Area (not just only at the RIMS station).