The table below provides an overview of Supplemental Type Certificate -STC- and Service Bulletins -SB- solutions available in the market to implement SBAS and LPV capability on eligible aircraft. The information is assigned to each specific aircraft model and fed recurrently on a best-effort basis with the information gathered from a number of sources, including conversations with OEMs. DOAs, operators and avionics manufacturers among others. Solution types include STC when the solution holder is different from the Aircraft Type Certificate holder or SB when is the same, while Line Fit is shown when the solution is fitted from the manufacturing line (applicability limitations may apply -eg. baseline since a certain date-).

Should you notice that some information is inaccurate or missing, we encourage you to send an e-mail to the EGNOS Helpdesk to improve the data. Please add “[SBAS/LPV solutions available (STC/SB)] modification request” to the subject.

Manufacturer Model Functionality Solution type Solution status SB/STC code Solution holder Applicability
AVIAT A-1 Husky LPV STC Ready EASA STC 10061922 (FAA STC SA1 1 174SC) Honeywell A1
LOCKHEED L-100 Hercules LPV&ADSB STC Ready ST02437AK Lynden Air Cargo 382G
SIKORSKY S-76 LPV STC Ready SR02691NY Sikorsky Global S-76C
BOMBARDIER Challenger 300 LPV STC Ready FAA STC ST01611WI-D Bombardier 300 (2010)
ROBIN DR-400 2+2 LPV SB Ready Robin DR401
ROBINSON R-22 LPV SB Ready Robinson R22
ROBINSON R-44 Clipper LPV SB Ready Robinson R44
ROBINSON R-66 LPV SB Ready Robinson R66
SIKORSKY S-76 LPV STC Ongoing Thales S-76D
AERO-EAST-EUROPE SILA-450 LPV SB Ready Aero East Europe Sila
SPECTRUM S-33 Independence LPV Line fit Ready Spectrum S33
SYBERJET SJ-30 LPV Line fit Ready Syberjet SJ30
DIAMOND DA-42 Twin Star LPV Line fit Ready Diamond DA42
DIAMOND DA-62 LPV Line fit Ready Diamond DA62
EMBRAER EMB-545 Legacy 450 LPV Line fit Ready Embraer Legacy 450/500
AVEKO VL-3 LPV SB Ready Aveko VL-3
AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES L-410 Turbolet LPV Line fit Ready Aircraft Industries L410NG, L410UVP-E20 (2015)
BOEING MD-500 LPV SB Ready MD Helicopters MD500E
BOEING MD-520N LPV SB Ready MD Helicopters MD520N
BOEING MD-530F Lifter LPV SB Ready MD Helicopters MD530F
BOEING MD-530MG Defender LPV SB Ready MD Helicopters MD530MG
BOEING MD-600N LPV SB Ready MD Helicopters MD600N
MITSUBISHI MRJ-70 LPV Line fit Ready Mitsubishi MRJ70
MITSUBISHI MRJ-90 LPV Line fit Ready Mitsubishi MRJ90