The table below provides an overview of Supplemental Type Certificate -STC- and Service Bulletins -SB- solutions available in the market to implement SBAS and LPV capability on eligible aircraft. The information is assigned to each specific aircraft model and fed recurrently on a best-effort basis with the information gathered from a number of sources, including conversations with OEMs. DOAs, operators and avionics manufacturers among others. Solution types include STC when the solution holder is different from the Aircraft Type Certificate holder or SB when is the same, while Line Fit is shown when the solution is fitted from the manufacturing line (applicability limitations may apply -eg. baseline since a certain date-).

Should you notice that some information is inaccurate or missing, we encourage you to send an e-mail to the EGNOS Helpdesk to improve the data. Please add “[SBAS/LPV solutions available (STC/SB)] modification request” to the subject.

Manufacturer Model Functionality Solution type Solution status SB/STC code Solution holder Applicability
TECNAM P-2012 Traveller LPV Line fit Ready Tecnam P2012
DIAMOND DA-42 Twin Star LPV Line fit Ready Diamond DA42
Gulfstream Gulfstream G700 LPV Line fit Ready Honeywell G700
HAWKER BEECHCRAFT Hawker 850 LPV Line fit Ready Textron S/N HB-67 (2010-2012) Hawker 750/800XP/800XPi/850
DIAMOND DA-62 LPV Line fit Ready Diamond DA62
Embraer EMB-550 LPV Line fit Ready Embraer Preator Legacy 500/600
EMBRAER EMB-545 Legacy 450 LPV Line fit Ready Embraer Legacy 450/500
AGUSTA AW-139 LPV Line fit Ready Agusta AW139 (2012)
HAWKER BEECHCRAFT Hawker 900 LPV Line fit Ready Textron 900XP S/N HA-0150 (2009-2012)
CESSNA 750 Citation 10 LPV Line fit Ready Cessna Citation X+ S/N 501 (2010)
PILATUS PC-24 LPV Line fit Ready Pilatus PC-24
CESSNA 525C Citation CJ4 LPV Line fit Ready Textron CJ4 (2011)
DASSAULT Falcon 10X LPV Line fit Ready Dassault 10X
GULFSTREAM AEROSPACE Gulfstream G650 LPV Line fit Ready Gulfstream G650 (2012)
AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES L-410 Turbolet LPV Line fit Ready Aircraft Industries L410NG, L410UVP-E20 (2015)
DAHER TBM-940 LPV&ADSB Line fit Ready Daher TBM940
SOCATA TBM-850 LPV Line fit Ready Socata TBM850/900 (2008)
SIKORSKY S-92 Helibus LPV Line fit Ready Sikorsky S92 (2002)
DASSAULT Falcon 6X LPV Line fit Ready Dassault 6X
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS EC-225 Super Puma Mk2+ LPV Line fit Ready Airbus H225 (2015)
CESSNA Citation Longitude LPV Line fit Ready Textron Citation Longitude
SIKORSKY S-76 LPV Line fit Ready Sikorsky S-76D
BOMBARDIER Challenger 350 LPV Line fit Ready Bombardier 350 (2014)
AIRBUS HELICOPTERS H-160 LPV Line fit Ready Airbus H135,H145,H175,H160 (2015)