UCP: your chance to shape the future of the EU Space Programme services

Monday, November 30, 2020

The 3rd edition of the User Consultation Platform (UCP) for the European Space Programme will take place on 1-2 December, ahead of European Space Week 2020. This is a unique opportunity for the rapidly expanding community of space tech users to inform the organisations and institutions that oversee the programme of their experience and requirements, helping to shape the future evolution of the system. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your say – register now.

This year’s UCP will involve two days of extensive exchange at 12 parallel sessions in which users are grouped by market segment 1. These sessions will be an ideal opportunity for business and industry leaders, entrepreneurs, service providers, innovators, and space user communities to express their needs, to share best practices and to present case studies.

One-of-a kind opportunity

The UCP is a one-of-a kind networking opportunity that gives the entire space ecosystem the opportunity to explore new synergies and keep abreast of the latest developments in this fast-paced sector. The Platform’s format allows all the various space stakeholders to share their experiences and expertise and learn from each other, helping them to grow stronger and become more innovative and competitive.

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At the sessions, the user community will discuss their needs while receiving updates on testing campaigns, main market trends, the evolution of the Galileo and EGNOS systems, and new developments in R&D. New to the 2020 edition of the UCP will be the addition of other Copernicus users and GovSatCom users, which means that the UCP 2020 will be more representative than ever.

As the EU Space Programme evolves, so do the needs of their users. Building on the central role of users in shaping EU Space applications, the outcomes of the UCP will help inform the decision-making process around service definition and service provision, leveraging on the unique perspective and experience of the multi-disciplinary EU Space user community.

Wrap-up at EUSW

The results of the UCP will be presented to the entire EU Space community during the plenaries at European Space Week on 7-11 December. The outcomes of the UCP GOVSATCOM session will be presented at a session on Secure Satellite Communications on December 9, while all other segments will present the outcomes of their panel discussions on December 7. Check out the EU Space Week site for the schedule.

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As the GSA transitions into the European Union Agency for the Space Programme (EUSPA), the Agency is even more committed to delivering on its role and mission to link space to user needs, to strengthen entrepreneurship and innovation and to enable the development of a strong downstream market. The User Consultation Platform is a valuable resource, supporting the Agency in this mission and engaging users to ensure that EU Space works for everyone. If you haven’t already registered to take part, do so now. We look forward to meeting with you online in December.

  • 1  Road, Agriculture & Forestry, Maritime & Ocean Monitoring, Geomatics & Urban Planning, Public Transport, Natural Disasters & Emergency Response, Critical Infrastructures, Rail, Mass market, Space Users, Aviation & Drones and Governmental.