A Cerealist’s Diary

Monday, June 29, 2020

EGNOS, Europe's regional satellite navigation system, is at the heart of precision agriculture. With 97% of new tractors in Europe being equipped with EGNOS, EU agriculturists can lower farming associated costs while minimizing their environmental footprint. We met a user!

Take the opportunity to discover how EGNOS supports farming by listening to a cerealist testimony. Nowadays, EGNOS plays an important role in European agriculture, helping farmers to increase their productivity while being more environmentally sustainable. In the video below, you will see how EGNOS supports cerealists during a crop harvest by easing several tasks such as ploughing, fertilizing, sowing and spraying.

European farmers can count on this free and public European Union service which improves GPS accuracy, used, within other applications, for tractor guidance. The sub-metre level accuracy provided by EGNOS (20-30 cm pass-to-pass) offers an affordable solution for farmers allowing them to optimise fuel consumption, reduce chemicals’ application as well as their working hours and therefore their fatigue. EGNOS performance, measured as the pass-to-pass error, is available here.

To use EGNOS all you need is an SBAS-enabled antenna and a receiver properly configured to receive the signal. For those interested in equipment configuration details, guidelines can be downloaded through this link. You can also download GEAR, an interactive (and free) virtual demonstrator which, allows you to experience in an entertaining way some farming tasks under various weather conditions while showcasing the benefits of EGNOS for machinery guidance. If you want to calculate how much money you save thanks to EGNOS in your farm, try the ‘’EASE tool’’. This software provides cost-benefit analyses by comparing the results achieved through an EGNOS+GPS guidance versus a “GPS alone” one.

Meet the user here below and discover how EGNOS supports European cerealists!