New EGNOS demonstrator for agriculture: GEAR

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

The new eGnos dEmonstrator for AgRriculture (GEAR) has just been released through the EGNOS User Support Website. GEAR is an interactive virtual demonstrator that allows everyone to discover the benefits of EGNOS for machinery guidance in a friendly and entertaining way. If you have ever wondered how to drive a tractor in an efficient way, this is your chance thanks to EGNOS!

GEAR allows you to drive a virtual tractor equipped with EGNOS and simulate the performance of several farming tasks, such as ploughing, sowing, spreading and spraying, under different weather conditions. Let’s prove your driving skills with the assistance of EGNOS, avoiding both gaps and overlaps between passes in order to optimize costs!

Once the agricultural job is completed, GEAR provides a report showing the economic savings and other benefits offered by EGNOS. In addition, farmers that require a more complete economic assessment about the adoption of EGNOS can also run a quick cost-benefit analysis (CBA) with our EASE (Egnos sAvingS in agriculturE) tool.

EGNOS, the free European positioning service has a key role in agriculture, helping farmers to improve the accuracy of their labour activities. GEAR is the perfect tool to experience it. With GEAR you can ride an EGNOS-equipped tractor. Download and try GEAR in your computer following this link. Enjoy!