Service Notice #26 published: EGNOS Space Segment changes in the second and third quarters of 2023!!

Monday, June 05, 2023
EGNOS Space Segment updates announcement

If you are an EGNOS user, please be informed of the temporal modifications expected in the EGNOS Space Segment from the 15th June 2023 to 4th September 2023.

Due to planned activities required in the current operational EGNOS geostationary satellites (GEOs), the INMARSAT 4F2 (PRN 126) will be transmitting the EGNOS Operational signal, while the ASTRA 5-B (GEO-2/PRN 123) will be in test mode for most of the period.

Check the Service Notice #26 for more detailed and official information.

Should you have any question related to this information or to EGNOS, please, contact or +34 911 236 555 (H24/7).