Tuesday, September 07, 2021

EGNOS Helpdesk

The EGNOS Helpdesk provides a customised helpdesk experience focused on each type of user. Our experts are ready to quickly provide support in:

  • Troubleshooting when using EGNOS
  • EDAS Registrations
  • EGNOS implementation and applications setup
  • General and technical EGNOS topics (usage, architecture, documentation, performance, coverage area, etc.)

To contact the EGNOS Helpdesk, you can use one of these methods:

The EGNOS Helpdesk is available H24/7d.

EGNOS User Support Website

The EGNOS User Support Website provides users with performance figures and tools, user-oriented documentation and information about EGNOS. Some of the available tools are:

The EGNOS User Support Website community has more than 3,800 registered users. Join us and benefit from additional contents and information.

In addition, you can subscribe to EGNOS real-time notifications (about any planned maintenance activities or real-time issues that affects the EGNOS System and its services):

  • SiS Outages Notifications (referring to the EGNOS System).
  • APV-I Availability Degradation Notifications (intended for aviation users).
  • LPV-200 Availability Degradation Notifications (intended for aviation users).
  • Open Service Availability Degradation Notifications (intended for general-purpose applications users: agriculture, mapping & surveying, maritime, rail, road or other location-based services).

(*) These options will appear after clicking the “Next page” button until you reach the 4th step. Please check the notifications you would like to subscribe to and click on the "Create new account" button to complete the registration or “Save” if you already have an account.

EGNOS Documentation Notification Service

EGNOS users can also subscribe to the EGNOS Documentation Notification Service inside to be notified upon any EGNOS Documentation update. The available notifications are related to the following documents:

Should you need further information on any other documents, please let us know through the EGNOS Helpdesk.


Do you want to access easily all the information on EGNOS?

Download now the EGNOS app (available for Android and IOS) and get all information you need about EGNOS.

Access easily to any information that EGNOS users may need for the different EGNOS Services (Open Service, Safety-of-Life and EDAS), including the EGNOS official documentation, performance data and support material for different application domains.

The EGNOS app has just been updated to version 2.2.0! This recent release comes with a brand new functionality: the Satellite finder.

Many new functionalities and contents are coming. Stay tuned!