New webinar: EGNOS for a greener aviation

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ESSP, as the EGNOS service provider, and its team of EGNOS experts offer a new opportunity to discover how this European satellite-based augmentation system contributes to a greener aviation. Join the webinar that will take place on the 24th of November 2022 at 15:30 (CET)


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Reducing aviation's climate impact is one of the main concerns of the industry and European Commission nowadays. The European Green Deal aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 and a 55% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. The optimisation of air navigation is one of the objectives of the aviation industry as part of this deal and EGNOS, as PBN enabler, is a key contributor to its fulfilment.

In the upcoming webinar, which will be held on the next 24th of November 2022 at 15:30 (CET), all attendees will have the opportunity to discover how EGNOS can help reduce GHG emissions and contribute to a greener aviation. They will have the chance to learn about the identified scenarios where the system could help save fuel and emissions. In addition, the speakers will present theoretical analysis which calculate the environmental benefits brought by EGNOS at particular European airports.


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24th of November 2022

15:30h (CET)