Equipping with EGNOS and LPV capability: how we can help operators in the decision-making

Webinar date

EGNOS experts offered a new webinar on Thursday June 9 2022, especially aimed at aviation operators to present the best current solutions that exist in the European market to equip an aircraft with EGNOS and LPV.

ESSP, as EGNOS service provider and its team of engineers specialized in helping to implement the use of EGNOS in different industries and market segments, have developed the unique material that was presented in this webinar to explain to aviation operator users which are the best tools that you can get and the most suitable ones for each specific case.

For this reason, ESSP organised this Webinar called: 'Equipping with EGNOS and LPV capability: How we can help operators in the decision-making', the second in a series of Webinars in 2022 dedicated to EGNOS users in the aviation domain.

Alongside the ESSP speakers, Collins Aerospace attended the webinar as a guest speaker providing a manufacturer's perspective on LPV avionics equipage as an equipment provider and presented their available portfolio of LPV solutions.

The webinar focused on the process of equipping an aircraft with EGNOS enabling the use of LPV from an operator’s perspective and how ESSP, as the EGNOS service provider, can help during the decision-making process via Traffic Assessment studies, available solutions in the market, EGNOS-benefit awareness, or by performing detailed Cost-Benefit analysis.


Watch the webinar session HERE


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