EGNOS Space Segment (GEO PRNs) Change

The GEO Satellites broadcasting EGNOS messages are going to be changed. On the March 20th, PRN 123 (now in test) will be introduced in the operational platform and on the March 21st, PRN 136 will be moved from the operational platform to the test one. For those users equipped with non (E)TSO certified SBAS receivers (ie. those used in  agriculture, surveying, mapping, maritime –except aviation-), it is recommended to reassess the equipment configuration after the change is finished, to ensure that both operational EGNOS GEO satellites (PRN 120 and PRN 123) are configured in the equipment.  More details on this change are available in the official Service Notice #15.

Depending on the receiver, users can check equipment manuals or contact product manufacturer/dealer.

Here, it can be found some material that explains how to configure an EGNOS receiver for some of the most common equipment used in agriculture. For any question  or support you can contact EGNOS Helpdesk (