The information is presented in different layers that can be activated or deactivated depending on the user needs. It is also possible to select the reference PRN that provides the information. You will find the following Real Time information about the EGNOS System:

  • Satellites: Shows the location of each GPS satellite and its EGNOS monitoring status.
  • IGP GIVE: Shows the position and the EGNOS monitoring status of IGPs (Ionospheric Grid Point).
  • Coverage: Shows the instantaneous coverage of the EGNOS System based on the PLs values
  • Service Area: Shows the SDD commitment area for APV-I and LPV200.
  • FIR: Shows the FIR areas.

The satellite and IGP information is updated every minute, and the coverage is updated every 15 minutes.

This information can be viewed in Google Earth representation using this KML file. To be able to display this information you will need to install Google Earth.